What is 50mm Media Productions

50mm Media Productions is a media production company based out of Surat. Founded by two lensmen, we are driven by passion and intrigue whilst going hand in hand with client and brand requirement. All about communicating between humans, today we live in a chaotic digital scenario where a business plan could stay same entire year or it requires to be changed within couple of days. Hence, we work with agility as per the paradigm shift. Originally seeded with photography and film making as our base, today we provide media production – design & branding solution to our diverse clientele. We’ve presented creative solutions to single person working firm to one of the India’s fortune 500 companies.
We believe in adaptability, where either we create a solution for a branding or we transform our customer’s ideas into solution. Today photography, film, design and their conglomerate creative solution are fuel to the fire to stay ahead in the quest for a commercial success keeping a balance between bravery and smartness. We are not the best, but we are everyday better than our yesterday.
Our motive is to create an idea for a brand and successfully converge it into a positive prospect across all platforms of visual medium under guidance and intelligence of one core creator.



Photography has always been a very intimate and a personal leisure one can have. And it being our utmost passion, we raise the bar with every passing project, affectionating it with art and science behind it. Let it be an event where two souls become one, or a beloved project or product which you’ve designed and groomed or for branding of your company, we provide photography solution for each and every aspect of commercial photography.
We provide photography service in:
Pre Weddings
Advertising Campaign
Baby  and Kids
Industrial & Corporate
Interior & Architecture

Film Making

Film making is an Art of showing the tremendous empire one has built, or it can also narrate a beautiful story you have and memories you want to create.  Every business, product or a story is real only when a person sees it, and then there are the events which create once in a lifetime memories. Making a film is a collaboration of a multiple expertise varying from concept building, cinematography, production, editing and sound design. At 50mm Media Productions we have a dedicated team handling film creation and all that razzmatazz behind lights, camera and action!
We provide film making services in:
Advertising Films
Documentary Films
Promotional Videos
Product Videos
Corporate Documentary Films
Music Video
Pre Wedding Films
Wedding Documentary
Event Documentary


Advertising & Designing

Designing are the thoughts molded into art and visualization. Creating an identity for a new venture or a business or rebranding an age old name is one of the most honorable work for us as artist. A good design is an output of intelligence, perception, emotions and belief around the brand name. Curves, Typefaces, Color Palettes mixed with a pinch of experience and creativity makes a good, successful design which is well observed. While a good advertising requires immense information and involvement with running business or product and craft out what’s best for them and for the targeted audiences to create a positive advertising campaign and bring promising feedback.
Services we provide:
Logo & Identity Design
Stationery Design
Advertising Conceptualization
Campaign Planning & Execution
Retail Graphic Design
Content Writing
Photography Ad Production
Film Ad Production
Social Media Content Development
Social Media Handling
Website Design


Photo School

Learning and Sharing has always been our motto even before beginning of our venture. Since its formation, 50mm Media Productions have always had a separate division where we promote photography as an Art. We our sister concern ‘The Window Seat’, we conduct numerous Indoor-Outdoor & Travel Photography workshops across India.

The Crew

Since its formation, 50mm Media Productions have believed in nurturing and embellish a team with passion and belief as its core values. We’ve a remarkable group of people working on and off the field who are crafted with relationship values and discipline, with a touch of friendly attitude. It’s one of the reason we have prolong history of clientele repetition. From a friendly face and voice who handles customer relation to a charming photography team  and a dynamic design team, Team 50mm Media Productions do its best not to disappoint your business, event or enterprise.

Our Premises

Our Space… our Work Playground remains one of the best motivation for our everyday work flow. We always wanted to create a space than an office which would inspire us to stay back to flow more thoughts without mingling with external invasions. We designed our working space quite fondly and filled it with air of freedom and expression to be poured into every work. After months of collaborations between various design ideas and bit of creative stuff our space came into existence, where we have our own small library, work station, design pad, studio area and a wholesome place for a workshop and projection screening. We serve good tea/coffee, we talk a lot about creative stuff and have quite a playful environment from mornings to nights… and we love to have friends and guests over. So you are most welcome to drop by.


50mm Media Productions was founded by Saurabh Desai and Ankit Mavchi.  Coming up from an engineering background, the duo has more than two decades of collective experience in photography and visual medium. 50mm Media Productions is not mere a venture, but it was an idea which emerged back in 2013 with an attempt to feature all creative scope of work under one premises. The ultimate concept behind building such premises was the originality and origin of ideas and its reverberation across all other platforms and mediums, making it a fruit bear by a tree from its only one seed of origin.
Apart from their identity as owners and founders of 50mm Media Productions, Saurabh & Ankit enjoys a successful distinctiveness as a Wildlife & Fine Art Nature & Street-Life Photographers respectively.
Saurabh Desai is one of the most acclaimed name in present generation wild life photographers. Associated with nature and conservation since quite early age, Saurabh spent his teenage years learning as one of the most active volunteer of Nature Club Surat and it was then he took a keen interest in Nature and Wildlife and took photography as his alter ego. While working as an Engineer for the esteemed company L&T for more than seven year, he never let go his ultimate passion of photographing, which later helped in quitting job and starting up planning of the dream venture of 50mm Media Productions.  In 2017, Saurabh Desai got his first photography coffee table book published under the name of ‘Visual Poetries’ featuring his work spanning over a decade into photographing Nature and Wildlife. Apart from these, he has been featured photographer in various national and international photography platform and publications such as WWF Calender, Sanctuary Asia Magazine, Wild Fauna of Gujarat, Camera Pixo Magazine, National Geographic Travelers Magazine.  He has been a finalist at BBC World Photography Awards, a speaker at TED X and a Merit Award Medal Winner at HIPA Awards.


Ankit Mavchi on other hand has been profiling himself as a Street, People and Life photographer whose keen interest lies in streets and routine activity of people as well as finding and framing art elements found in usual routine and lives of people. Graduated in Mechanical engineering followed by a brief stint with Visual Communication over period of two years, Ankit’s work can be found published in numerous digital and print formats around the globe in these years, some of them being in National Geography Magazine, Better Photography, HIPA Finalist, Monovision Photography Awards and many more.
Having aspirations of learning and sharing knowledge of art of making images since beginning, the duo also serve as faculties, teaching Photography in Fine Art Department at Veer Narmad South Gujarat University.  Being two of the most influenced people in bring Art & Culture to city of Surat with emergence of Drashtikon Surat Photography Artisans, a photography club for everyone and numerous other Art festivals and exhibition across the state, for which they were awarded ‘Kala Ratna’ Award by Gujarat Kala Pratisthan in 2017.
The team behind the two follows the similar workmanship, creative approach with an outlook to provide an overwhelming photography & film making experience to the clientele. Our pride lies in fulling commercial work with touch of innovation to larger number of people in last 5 years ranging from corporate, designers, families and couples. Few of whom are